Paul Barret Parkway

The Paul Barret Parkway connects I-40 at Arlington with Millington. The Millington area, like southeastern Shelby County (along the U.S. 78 corridor), is becoming a prime location for distribution centers and warehouses. Millington is also the site of Naval Support Activity Memphis, the future home of the Naval Bureau of Personnel. It supercedes Millington-Arlington Road (TN 205), a winding two-lane road.

The portion of Paul Barret Parkway between U.S. 51 and James K. Singleton Parkway (TN 204) is part of the National Highway System, according to this map.

Paul W. Barret, Sr., was a prominent local politician from northern Shelby County during the 1940s; the parkway passes near Barretville, from whence he came.

What are the interchanges like?

Paul Barret Parkway is much more conventional than the Nonconnah: all of the interchanges are traditional diamonds, except the following:


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