Tennessee Highway 385
TN 385 signs at the north side of the Kirby Parkway SPUI.


These pages are devoted to providing information about TN 385 and related Memphis-area highway projects, such as the proposed NAFTA and Memphis-Atlanta interstates.

What is TN 385, and what does it consist of?

Tennessee Primary State Road 385 (from here on, TN 385) is the proposed suburban loop for Shelby County, Tennessee. Two portions of TN 385 are complete:

To keep things straight, I'll refer to the three sections of TN 385 as the “north”, “east” and “south” legs.

TN 385 is an interstate-quality road. Most of the existing portions are 4 lanes wide; however, the section of the south leg from I-240 to Winchester Road is 6 lanes wide. In addition, there are two auxilliary lanes (one in each direction) between Winchester and Riverdale and between Winchester and Hacks Cross.

Here's a map showing the route (based on Tennessee's 2001 official state highway map; the Collierville-Arlington route and the route of MS 304 are drawn in):

Map of TN 385

A Tale of Three Roads

As the use of three different names for TN 385 indicates, each major segment of TN 385 serves a different purpose:

Memphis Highways 2020: Where does TN 385 fit in?

TN 385, in addition to providing an suburban loop highway for Memphis, may also be part of two major interstate highway projects in the not-so-distant future. For more information, see the future interstates page.

More information

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