Vision 21: MFES Proposal

The following proposal is designed to replace Phase Four of the four-lane highway program. It is completely of my own invention, and will probably never be adopted, but here's my plan:

The Mississippi Freeway and Expressway System

With apologies to the great state of California, I propose separating the existing four-lane routes into three categories: freeway corridors, expressway corridors, and non-expressway corridors.

Freeway Corridors

The following routes, if not already at Interstate highway standards, would be upgraded to Interstate highway standards:

Expressway Corridors

The following routes would be constructed to expressway standards, with no direct access to private property from the mainline. At-grade intersections and interchanges would be acceptable; however, the use of traffic signals would be strongly discouraged, and they would be used only as an interim traffic control until an interchange could be constructed and stop signs on mainlines (such as four-way stops) prohibited. Portions could be constructed at freeway standards if deemed necessary.

These routes would include municipal bypasses as necessary.

Non-Expressway Corridors

All remaining projects in the four-lane highway program would be designated in this category.

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Chris Lawrence <> (24 May 2002 at 08:56 CDT)