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Various 2002 Roadtrip Photos

Rich, Mississippi

Rich is a small community along old U.S. 61 in northern Coahoma County; like most of the smaller places along U.S. 61, it has long-since been bypassed by the main highway. Rich is also being bypassed by an extension of MS 315 to the U.S. 49/61 intersection northwest of the town (MS 315 currently ends at the Coahoma/Quitman county line).

Small green sign in Rich. Old U.S. 61 lives on, after a fashion, due to this small green sign that shows the main cities in each direction along the old highway. This sign is located at the end of Birdie Rd, which becomes MS 315 at the county line.
This sign is at the same intersection as the sign above, directing traffic from old U.S. 61 to MS 315.

Jackson Airport Roundabout

MDOT likes to build its "experiments" close to Jackson; the state's first SPUI is just north of the city, and its first roundabout is on MS 475 at the airport.

Standard U.S. roundabout sign. This is the standard signage used for modern roundabouts in the U.S. Some people think a sign similar to that used in Europe (which emphasizes the direction of traffic flow around the circle with arrows) would be better. (This sign is on northbound MS 475.)
Graphical sign for the circle. This sign shows the various exits from the roundabout. Note that U.S. roundabouts generally have a special lane for the first right turn from the circle, while European roundabouts usually do not. The traffic rules are like those used in Britain; traffic entering yields to traffic already in the circle, rather than using the traditional French rule of priorité à droite.

The long-term plan is for this traffic circle to be bypassed by the mainline MS 475, along with a more direct freeway to be built from downtown Jackson to the airport itself.

Walker CR 22: Cordova, Alabama

The photos that used to be here can now be found here.

Metropolis, Illinois and Mayfield, Kentucky

Statue of Superman in Metropolis The promised "Superman statue" in downtown Metropolis; I only found out about it from the small sign at the exit from the Illinois Welcome Center on I-24. It's poorly signed overall. For the record: take US 45 north into Metropolis, turn right at the traffic signal downtown (where the casino is marked to turn left), and make a left on 6th Street.
I-24 sign showing Interstate 57 as a control city. I-24 really doesn't go anywhere important in Illinois (in fact, its mainline control cities are "St. Louis" and "Nashville"). Even the local control cities are scarce; north of U.S. 45 (the southernmost exit), the most worthwhile destination is another interstate highway!
New Purchase Parkway signage. The Purchase Parkway was recently renamed to the "Julian M. Carroll Purchase Parkway"; along with the name change came new signs. These are on southbound U.S. 45 near Mayfield.

Clarksdale Bypass

Typical section of the U.S. 49 Clarksdale Bypass
The U.S. 49 Clarksdale Bypass (eventually to also carry U.S. 61 and I-69 signage) is a standard, boring Mississippi freeway with gravel shoulders.
End of the U.S. 49 Clarksdale Bypass
Current end of the Clarksdale Bypass; west of here, the grading and bridging is done for the remaining section, with paving due to be completed in the next couple of years.

Alt U.S. 45 and MS 8 interchange signage

Signage at the MS 8/Alt U.S. 45 interchange.
Signage at the interchange a few miles west of Aberdeen.
Close-up look at signage at the MS 8/Alt U.S. 45 interchange.
Note the non-reflective "Alt." panel (including non-standard period) on the left-hand sign.
Old Highway 8 sign.
Locally-installed signage for Old Highway 8 from MS 8. (The arrow is red, if you can't tell.)

Aberdeen Pseudo-Bypass Signage

The newly-opened U.S. 45 Aberdeen bypass bypasses much of Aberdeen, but has a 35 mph section with no control of access through the southern portion of the town along the MS 25 multiplex.

US 45 North sign. US 45 South sign.
Signage from the MS 8 interchange. Even though MS 8 multiplexes with U.S. 45, the multiplex is ignored by the large South sign.
MS 145 sign. BGS on northbound U.S. 45 for the MS 145 (Old U.S. 45) turnoff.
Horrid MS 145 signage.
Absolutely horridly out-of-proportion signage for MS 145. Quality use of freeway-size shields with surface-street tabs, and note the lovely masking tape still affixed to the sign. Further back, note the mismatched North and South tabs.
U.S. 45 interchange with MS 25 north/MS 8 east.
U.S. 45 bridge over MS 25 north/MS 8 east.
Views of the trumpet interchange between U.S. 45 and MS 25/MS 8 southeast of Aberdeen. The short MS 25 expressway continues about a mile to the east, to just past where MS 25 and MS 8 split.
Signage on MS 463 northbound.
Signage on I-55 northbound ramp.
Signage at the MS 463/I-55 interchange, Mississippi's first SPUI.
MS 15/25 interchange signage.
Signage at the northern split of MS 15 and 25 near Louisville.

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