Ontario Hwy 400/69 Photos

Highway 400 is the main route between Toronto and points north in the province. Just past Barrie, Highway 11 branchs off inland toward North Bay while Highway 400 continues closer to Georgian Bay on its way to Sudbury. The Trans Canada Higway (TCH) Georgian Bay route joins Hwy 400 at Coldwater.

At present, Highway 400 apparently ends at the end of the continuous four-lane section at the Go Home River a few kilometers north of the Muskoka District Road 38/32 intersection, at the end of the continuous freeway. However, the 100 km/h speed limit is retained through the intersection. (In addition, south of here are a number of unnumbered, "right-on, right off" exits from the southbound roadway.) North of here, the Highway 69 designation takes over, even along the completed freeway bypass of Parry Sound and (apparently) the future freeway between the Moon River and the Parry Sound bypass. According to Chris Bessert's site, the long-term plan is for the Hwy 400 designation to be extended once the gap between the Moon and Go Home rivers (about 8 kilometers) is upgraded to a freeway.

This is a typical 6-lane segment of Hwy 400 between Toronto and Barrie. Note the lack of a left shoulder. Other sections are separated by a continuous rail, rather than the newer Jersey barrier.
This overhead sign indicates the two-lane highway ahead. Additional overhead signs have been installed along the two-lane segment to reinforce the lower speed limit (90 km/h) and two-way traffic conditions.
This is the first indication southbound that Hwy 400 has started, at the beginning of the southbound continuous four-lane. While at the 400/11 split near Barrie, 400 is marked as "To Hwy 69," there is no reciprocal signage along Hwy 69 to indicate that the number will change.
Signage for the sole at-grade intersection on Hwy 400 (southbound). Despite the median break, the speed limit is not lowered and there is no indication that freeway regulations do not apply any more.
Trailblazers for Hwy 69 in Parry Sound. Note the separate north and south trailblazers, even though traffic in both directions now enters at the same interchange.
Marker on southbound Hwy 69 at Muskoka Road 169 (former Hwy 169) in Foot's Bay, the southernmost Hwy 69 marker on the current highway. However, a new "Hwy 69 Toronto" guide sign has been installed on the road approaching Future Exit 186 of Hwy 69, which is where the old alignment rejoins the freeway route.
Signage assembly at the Hwy 69/Muskoka Rd 169 intersection. Note the radically different signs for North and South.
Views of the new Hwy 69 freeway alignment from an overpass just north of where Hwy 69's new alignment branches from the old alignment near Foot's Bay.

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