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David Winter Cottages for Sale

The following David Winter Cottages and other David Winter collectibles are available from my mother, Ann L. Smith; if you are interested in any of them, please either contact me directly or click on the appropriate “Add to Cart” button to order online.

All items are in their original boxes with certificates of authenticity, unless otherwise noted. Free ground shipping and handling via USPS or UPS within the United States is included in the price listed here; shipments outside the U.S. may incur additional charges. Express shipping is available; rates are listed during checkout. When placing an online order, please allow up to two business days for your payment to clear and order to be shipped.

Payment options include (all prices in U.S. dollars):

All reasonable offers will be considered.

Click on the links under the cottage names to view a photograph of the actual item that is for sale. Cottages and other items marked “NO BOX” do not include the original box that the item was sold in, but these items will still be shipped securely.

Blacksmith's (1982-84, signed; NO BOX) $275
Blossom Cottage (signed) $90
Blossom Cottage (unsigned) $85
Boat House (signed) $80
Buttercup Cottage (Guild #18) $85
Cameos - Complete Set Base and 12 cottages; “bright” base with box. One certificate. $350
Candlemaker's (Guild #12) $90
Cartwight's $65
Christmas Castle “Trial”: extremely rare “trial” painting piece, only 2950 produced $600
Christmastime Clock House $165
Coaching Inn (signed; NO BOX) $2,200
Cornish Tin Mine (signed) $75
Cornish Tin Mine (unsigned) $65
Cotswold Village (NO BOX) $70
Cotton Mill (signed; NO BOX; Generic certificate; pre-1984, no ivy) $325
Crofter's Cottage (signed) $100
Crystal Cottage (John Hine version) $80
Dower House (signed, box has no label) $60
Fisherman's Wharf (signed) $85
Gillies (signed) $95
Glebe Cottage (John Hine version) $100
Guy Fawkes' Cottage $60
House of the Master Mason (signed; NO BOX) $250
Irish Round Tower $95
Kent Cottage (signed) $105
Knight's Castle $90
Little Forge (signed; NO BOX) $1,150
Little Mill, Mark 3 (signed; NO BOX) $1,200
Maid Marian's Retreat (John Hine Edition) $100
Market Street (NO BOX) $70
Market Street (signed) $95
Miners Cottage (signed) $155
Model Dairy (2 available) $50
Mother's Cottage (includes Mother's Day greeting card) $85
Mr. Fezziwig's Emporium (unsigned) (Christmas 1990) $115
Newtown Mill House (signed; with video) $180
One Acre (John Hine Edition) $75
Pen y Craig $90
Pilgrim's Rest (signed) $80
Quack's Cottage (John Hine version) $80
Spinner's (2 available) $60
St. Anne's Well $80
Stonecutter's Cottage (signed) $90
Stork Cottage (boy) $75
Suffolk $90
Thank You (NO CERTIFICATE) $55
The Grange (signed) $1,100
The Shires Set of 12: Wiltshire Waterwheel; Buckinghamshire Bull Pen; Gloucestershire Greenhouse; Shropshire Pig Shelter; Yorkshire Sheep Fold; Hampshire Hutches; Cheshire Kennels; Berkshire Milking Byre; Staffordshire Stable; Oxfordshire Goat Yard; Lancashire Donkey Shed; Derbyshire Dovecote. $375
Three Ducks Inn (signed; NO BOX) $1,250
Tilemaker's Cottage (1999 Guild Symbol) $75
Tollkeeper's Cottage (signed) $130
Tollkeeper's Cottage (unsigned) $120
Tudor Manor House (signed) $105
Tudor Manor House (early 80s version) $120
Tythe Barn w/ Doors On (signed; 1981-83) $1,800
Windmill (signed) $90
Y Draig Goch $95
Yeoman's Farmhouse (signed) $65
A Christmas Carol Ornament (1989) $20
Christmas in Scotland and Hogmanay Ornament (1988) $20
Mr. Fezziwig's Emporium Ornament (1989) $20
Old Joe's Beetling Shop Ornament $20
Stocking Mouse Ornament (standing) $20
What Cottage? Ornament $20
Decorative Collector's Plates
A Christmas Carol plate (#5305/10,000) $45
Ebeneezer Scrooge's Counting House plate (#2017/10,000) $45
Old Curiosity Shop plate (#1708/10,000) $45
Little Mill plate (#1939/10,000) $45
Chichester Cross plate (#108/10,000) $45
Pershore Mill plaque (Guild 1990; NOT SIGNED) $65
Eggars Hill plaque with wooden easel Signed by John Hine and David Winter $30
Eggars Hill plaque with plastic easel Signed by John Hine; a few chips along bottom edge $15
1993 U.S. Tour Poster (SIGNED & FRAMED) $40
David Winter Binder: “The Retired Range” (1989, signed) $250
Book, “Collecting David Winter Cottages,” by John Hine (1989) Signed by John Hine and David Winter $35
Book, “Tale of Pershore Mill,” by John Hine Signed by the author (#2309) $30
Small Hardback Book, “David Winter Cottages: The Collectors' Book” Signed by David Winter and John Hine, like new condition, © 1985 $15
Paperback Book, “David Winter Cottages Pocket Book” Signed by David Winter and John Hine, like new condition, © 1989 $25
Paperback Book, “Inside David Winter Cottages” Like new condition, © 1993 $25
Magazine, “David Winter Cottages Village Memories,” Issue 1 Signed by David Winter, © 1989 $10
Coasters (set of 6; signed, UNOPENED; very rare) $250
Country Cottage Magazine – Complete Collection 50 issues, plus 4 leather “Cottage Country” binders $400
Table Mats (set of 6; signed, UNOPENED; very rare) $500
White T-Shirt Size XL, “The Great Mouse Hunt” (front)/“David Winter Cottages Collectors Guild” (back) $30
Leather Key Chain “20th Anniversary of David Winter Cottages” $25
Pub Mats signed, “David Winter Cottages Fair-Well Tour 2002 Last Cheers 1997-2002” $15
Medallion 15th Anniversary of David Winter Cottages, 1979-94 $15

(Last update: December 2, 2016.)

If you have any questions, please contact me at the email address below and I'll get an answer for you within a day or so.

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